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Motrendus Under the "Microscope"

By: Sheryl Bryant

I began and finished listening to this three song sampler with no knowledge of the band whatsoever. In my opinion, this is the best way to give a sincere review.

Motrendus sounds like they would be a great live band. I can see throwing back some cold beers and having a fine time listening and watching them rock onstage.

The first cut, “Alone in the Night,” felt really good. It was a little bit punk and alt-rock and gave me a White Stripes meet The Strokes feel. I think the vocals were strongest on this song.

The second song had a really good Zeppelin vibe. “Unconsciousness” began somber and then pulled itself out of the doom and gloom and spiraled like something off of the "Houses of the Holy" album.

My favorite song was the last song entitled “Breakaway,” a tune that welded the freakiness of Alice Cooper with the eighties indie feel of Arrogance, which is definitely a powerful marriage. I liked all the instruments and the vocals and feel like this song really showed the depth of the band.

I like that each song was different and allowed the band to show ability to be versatile. Often I think bands who record all original tunes unintentionally get in a rut with repetitiveness, which Motrendus successfully avoided.

I would definitely shell out some cash to hear this band play live.

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