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Cruisin’ with Chris Chappell on “A Beautiful Day”

By: Sheryl Bryant

I really enjoyed listening to Chris Chappell sing on his CD “A Beautiful Day." He has a unique voice that’s hard to pen, which is very refreshing. It's always exciting when new tunes have a personal touch as is the case with this CD.

I make it a point to listen to a new CD multiple times in various settings because that’s what it takes to both hear and feel it. Often I listen at home, but this time I took my music mobile.

I threw “A Beautiful Day” in the car CD player and went for a drive, and what a nice ride it turned out to be. Chris’ vocals, though very much his own, bring a young Jackson Browne to mind, and what a phenomenal singer/songwriter to hear or feel while listening to a new, original CD. On both “Beautiful Day” and “When I’m Gone,” I felt a sense of Browne’s early songs and even a tinge of the Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wilson.

Chappell writes some solid lyrics. To me, the strongest were conveyed in “Hole In My Soul.” Who hasn’t felt the lament that Chris expresses so well in this song? One of the lines says “I won’t get up just to fall again” and later “If I get knocked down I just stay on the ground.” To that I’d respond, Chris, with your voice and talent, get up and stand tall. As time goes on, you won’t fall as often or as hard.

I think Chris Chappell has huge potential. If I had to change anything, it may be to mix up the next CD with something totally unexpected. Something left of center. I think a song or two out of the comfort zone gets attention and would make what’s already very good even better.

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