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The Dixie Trail Holiday ArtWalk Celebrates Visual and Performing Arts

By: Sheryl Bryant

Raleigh, NC--The Dixie Trail Holiday ArtWalk is a fundraiser that provides funding for the ANGELS ALL AROUND US organization, as well by providing money to fund specific projects in the community such as school bus shelters and playgrounds. The brainchild of Joanna Maurer (j4designandbuild.com), this neighborhood event was an unexpected treat on an Indian Summer Sunday afternoon. Taking place in West Raleigh just east of Wade Avenue on Dixie Trail, the ArtWalk event is situated between Lewis Farm Road to the west and Medlin Road to the east.

The Dixie Trail Holiday ArtWalk encourages youth participation and allows local artists to display holiday gift items ranging from some really tasty edible creations to beautiful Christmas décor, elegant jewelry, professional paintings, and other knick-knacks and eclectic household items.

Luckily, for those of us in attendance, there was live music in the midst on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

In from Chapel Hill, NC, Whitney Grumhaus entertained the crowd with his acoustic guitar skills and his sensational singing voice. Grumhaus is multi-talented it seems, not only as a guitarist and singer, but I’m told Whitney is an innovative and successful architect, as well.

Providing accompaniment for Grumhaus for a portion of the show was Nate Sheaffer, whose harmonies on tunes like Sting’s “Roxanne” and Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” were excellent! Nate is not only a talented musical artist, but a gifted sculptor, as well. Word on the street is that his neon sculpture creations are awe-inspiring!

Later in the afternoon, with Grumhaus now solitary on songs like Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues," I was impressed by his ability to change up style and genre so quickly and so well.

As the crowd meandered through the outdoor displays and lunched on homemade grilled goodies like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and marinated chicken sandwiches, Whitney did a fine job with “My, My, Hey, Hey (Out of the Blue and Into the Black)” by Neil Young. His cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” was dead-on and Grumhaus really shone on the Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane psychedelic classic “White Rabbit.” I feel comfortable telling you that I’ve heard numerous singers covering this tune and I’ve never heard any male vocalist perform it as well as Whitney Grumhaus.

My mother and I enjoyed ourselves and hope our small contribution to the cause helped the Dixie Trail Holiday ArtWalk to be successful in raising both awareness and dollars to contribute to the noble causes it supports.

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