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Unknown Hinson takes Raleigh's Lincoln Theatre to an "Unknown" Dimension

By: Meghan Adkins

Raleigh, NC--The Lincoln Theatre was transported to an Unknown dimension as hillbillies, rockabillies, psychobillies, and every other “billie” in town flooded its floor. Unknown Hinson, the mutton chopped vampiric madman of many talents, brought his comedic guitar drenched A game to hundreds of adoring fans.

Photo by: Hunter Lee Elliott

Carving out an interesting audience worldwide with satirical songs about low country woes such as “Alkyhol Withdrawl” and “I Cleaned out a Room (In My Trailer for You),” Unknown Hinson not only delivers intense guitar talent but immense laughter, as well.

Photo by: Hunter Lee Elliott

Sporting his signature pompadour hairdo and painted eyebrows, Unknown was not the only colorful character at the show. It seems an Unknown Hinson show is the perfect opportunity for folks of all types to step out in their most colorful personas. Tattooed pin-up women, snakeskin boots, ripped blue jeans, and vulgar T-shirts combined with free flowing “alkyhol” made the environment alone well worth attendance.

Photo by: Hunter Lee Elliott

Lincoln Theatre beer slingers Chris and Allen kept cold beer in the hands of the rowdy masses as the night wore on, diligently ensuring the drunken “rebel yells” could be heard by neighboring cities. Never letting go of the strings on his exhausted guitar, Unknown Hinson rocked the foundation of the Lincoln all the way to last call. As he exited the stage, Hinson made a beeline for the crowded bar where a healthy vodka on ice awaited along with his unique crowd of fans.

Photo by: Hunter Lee Elliott

Taking the time to sign every t-shirt, CD, and body part, a clearly fatigued Hinson showed as much gratitude to his fans as they demonstrated during his show. As daybreak comes, the black hole that tore open the Unknown dimension will close until the “King of Vampire Hillbillies” returns again.

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