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Review of 'Fired' Debut CD by the Crumb Catchers

By: Sheryl Bryant

Who doesn’t appreciate originality and a new twist on punk and alternative rock? By sprinkling their music with some funk, psychedelia and country to boot, the Crumb Catchers CD Fired keeps it new and interesting.

Speaking of the newly released CD by the Crumb Catchers, I got fired up just listening to the November,2011 debut CD. It is just the right mix of ingredients for alternative rock that’s sopping with a crystal clear punk inflection.

I liked the urgency in each of the songs on this CD. For me, the Crumb Catchers sound is reminiscent of the Minute Men with more of a Black Flag groove. Whether it’s a conscious influence or not, I cannot say for sure , but I can hear what feels like a Stones circa "19th Nervous Breakdown" era influence in several of the Crumb Catchers tunes. This is clearly a good sign of things to come. Fired works because band member Mark Kennedy on vocals; Dean Walker on drums and bassist Matt Cash from Burlington, NC don’t box in their songs to be just punk and alt rock. They scatter several other vibes into their songs to keep it interesting. For example in “Burgers and “Vast Expanse” you get a funky soulful vibe. With the excellent “Him No Mo”, I hear shades of country and rockabilly often found in the Family Followill tunes (Kings of Leon). This element is also present in the song “Silent Strings” which is an exceptional song , it sounds like it would fit well as a soundtrack for a spaghetti Western.

The Crumb Catchers lyrics shine most for me in “Spare Change”. In the song “Chicken Coop” whether intentional or not, it sounds like they caught some crumbs from the leftover platter of some early Stones because I can hear that Jagger/Richards type of harmony working in more than one song. “Catchin’ Lice” is super fun and another of my favorite tunes on this CD. I really like the tune “Dishwasher" also. The Crumb Catchers color their tunes with a tinge of psychedelia and combine it with the frenzy of the Sex Pistols and it works.

I’ve said it before and I”ll reiterate it here. Bands who record and perform original songs excel when the band realizes the critical need to mix it up, as the Crumb Catchers do so nicely with Fired. It’s the only way to keep the sound fresh. Fired is like having a pie just baked and pulled out of the oven. It offers up just the right slices of alt country, alt rock and roll and punk and funk sprinkled with a dash of psychedelia to get your taste buds clamoring for more.

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