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The Sinner's Sideshow! A Psychobilly/Burlesque Carnival

By: Hunter Elliott
Photography by Hunter Elliott

Ladies and Gentleman, freaks of mind and body, I present to you a side show of debauchery, beauty, illusion, comedy, dance, acrobatics and mind altering music. On April Foolís Day 2012 vendors provided an eclectic assortment of sundries as a carnival took the stage. The Sinner's Sideshow, a Psychobilly/Burlesque Carnival at The Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh was hosted by Rachel Riot and Virginia Scare.

There was an abundance of scantily clad beautiful ladies prowling the stage as music permeated the room. Just stage left stood Karaya Mc from Standing Statue Arrangements holding the lantern casting a beautiful glow against the audience. Among the ranks of the burlesque dancers were Por Cel Ain, Perl VanDammit, Robin Spohr, Kaya Stowers, as well as many other beautiful women. As costume changes took place Rachael Riot and Virginia Scare, the beautiful hostesses of the night held drawings and raffles for various swag.

Then Doc Volz, a renowned mad scientist educated the crowd on strength of placebo, elixirs, electricity, knives, lemons, money, and the guillotine. Doc was kind enough to involve the crowd in several of his not so scientific experiments. The worldly blues man Bullfrog Willard McGhee provided proved to be a comedic emcee as he announced acts, explaining the unexplainable. Bullfrog even picked a few throaty blues tunes accompanied by his stellar guitar talent.

A brief intermission lent itself to fans taking photos with Por Cel Ain and Rachel Riot in an old fashioned photo booth. As the curtains were pulled aside there at the ready was Hellblinki, an odd sort of talent that was unlike anything I had seen before. Quite the juxtaposition of Americana, Punk, Cabaret, and what I would call horror rock. Imagine using a large blender mixing Bobby Pickett (Monster Mash), The Ramones, The Butthole Surfers, Jimi Hendrix, and Sesame Street together. The theatrics of the live show coupled well with the music. A few of the songs that Hellblinki preformed were Bubbles, Breaking Everything, and Don't Go in the Woods tonight. This band has a very unique sound and truthfully I liked them right off.

Another awesome act included on stage during Hellblinki was Flair. Fire and Air. The act is composed of Liz Bliss and Kristin Dare, acrobatic ladies that preform dynamic aerial performance including silks, trapeze, and lyra. Their in the air talent added a lot of color to the already colorful show. For those not in attendance that night, I strongly recommend keeping an eye out for these talented performers as well as the next Sinnerís Sideshow.
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