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KIckin Grass Releases Walk With Me

By: Hunter Elliott

As recent winners of the 2012 Carolina Music Award for Best Americana/Bluegrass, The Kickin Grass Band has plenty to celebrate. Couple the award win with a new CD release July 24th and a celebration performance at the Pourhouse Music Hall July 28th, The Kickin Grass band is virtually unstoppable.

Their new CD "Walk With Me" is the product of talented musicians working together in a family type harmony rare by today's standards. With Lynda Wittig Dawson at the helm of the album, original songs such as "Ghost In My Head", "Sugar", and "Walk with Me" are powered by intelligent lyrics and soothing vocals. The rest of the line up, Jamie Dawson-mandolin and vocals, Hank Smith-banjo, Pattie Hopkins-fiddle and vocals,and Patrick Walsh-bass fiddle and vocals, each member add their own character to the group. Pattie Hopkins brought the music for "Gum Stump Squirrel" the very day the album was being recorded and Lynda sat down and wrote the lyrics on the spot, everything relating to events relative to the day.

Jamie Dawson puts an old '30s feel to a song written by Adam Lane called "The Filling Station" originally preformed by Brothers Grim (many of you may recognize this song and it will surely bring back fond memories). Hank Smith contributed a well composed instrumental called "31". Patti Hopkins puts her spin on "That's What I like About the South" and that song alone has more soul that many songs you will hear on the radio today. "Walk With Me" is a phenomenal album and a work of genius from one of modern bluegrass's greatest collaborations. For those who haven't heard of The Kickin Grass Band, I suggest making a visit to the Pour House Music Hall this Saturday night to witness them live in their most natural setting.

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