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Chris Robinson Brotherhood Invades Raleigh For Two Nights At The Lincoln

By: Ike Riddick
Photography by Jerry Friend

As a long time Black Crowes fan since first seeing the charismatic Chris Robinson take center stage at The Switch in Raleigh many moons ago, I would be remiss if I didn't offer up the notion that Robinson has truly found the perfect union with the Brotherhood. Not to take anything away from the incredible musicians he has performed with in The Crowes throughout the years, including his brother Rich, but the current CRB lineup just seems to be the right fit. No egos or struggles for power and control, just mutual respect with a common goal of sharing their incredible psychedelic groove with their fans.

Formed in 2011 while the Black Crowes were on one of their celebrated "breaks", the current CRB lineup includes Chris Robinson (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Neal Casal (guitar/vocals), Adam MacDougall (keyboards/vocals), and Tony Leone (drums). On their new release, Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel (July 29, 2016), Robinson and Casal's songwriting collaboration reaches new heights as they incorporate mystic soul, cosmic blues, and a heaping helping of their signature psychedelic groove jam vibe.

Indeed, the whole album is something of a magic spell, and now that itís been cast, itís time for services to resume in the psychedelic church of the CRB. That means theyíll be hitting your local rock and roll temple in their ongoing mission to make the holy profane and the profane holy, so pour a little wine, light up an offering, and get ready for the unexpected. Amen.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23 as Chris Robinson Brotherhood play two shows at the Lincoln Theatre. For more information on the Lincoln Theatre and to purchase tickets please visit: http://lincolntheatre.com/

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