Mission Statement

rMIA is a dues based organization open to all music fans, artists, or businesses that provide goods and services to North Carolina 's music industry. Our primary mission is to promote the music scene and economic activity within our regional community and to provide benefits to our members.

The 'Carolina' area has always been associated with various styles and forms of music with an increasing number of success stories. However, prior to 'American Idol' the area has never attracted a great deal of attention from major players in the music industry. Little investment has been made in developing and marketing our vast untapped reservoir of talent. Over time, we believe the Carolina region has the potential to gain recognition as a center of musical activity not unlike Texas and Louisiana.

Our goal is to create a professional and artistic community which combines the energy and creativity of our members and associates. Only through our joint efforts will we be able to bring additional attention to our area. As a community we will be able to sponsor industry events, educational programs, and facilitate the growth of the music industry in our area.

We are the Triangle's resource for everything music: live music calendar, local bands, music news, a music business referral network, and concert information.

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