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Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Releases New Concept Album

Ian Anderson is prog rock's consummate composer, band leader, musician and showman. As evidence, he recently won The Prog God Award from Prog Magazine, celebrating the innovators of this form of rock music.

Homo Erraticus is Anderson's new concept album. Once again Anderson tells us that the lyrics were written by Gerald Bostock, the fictional character from the 1972 classic Thick as a Brick, (TAAB) as well as Thick as a Brick II (2012). As usual Anderson's concepts display a great deal of depth. Bostock's lyrics where reportedly inspired by an unpublished manuscript from an amateur historian Ernest T. Parritt. Fans of Tull, will find the current work reminiscent of the good old days. When we spent hours pouring over entertaining record covers; making sense of it all.

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The new CD consists of 15 songs organized as: "Chronicles," "Prophecies" and "Revelations." In essence it is a history of the world penned from a highly aware socially conscious perspective. During our exclusive interview, Anderson explained how 'Erraticus' is latin for movement. I presume that the word 'eradicate' shares the same latin root. Given my background in anthropology, this sure is a more fitting label for modern man than homo sapiens sapiens. He eloquently explained to me …

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I got the impression Anderson is on a mission. He was very intense and pointed out it was time to tackle the big issues while he still had the faculties and health to do so. Bravo I say! If you have never seen him perform, I recommend you not miss the upcoming opportunity.

For hard core fans embroiled in the mystery about the split with Barre and whether Jethro Tull still exists, Ian offers us this:

"After forty-six years of songwriting and recording it is very rewarding indeed to be able to avoid, yet again, gloomy, suicidal retirement in the middle of my sixth decade. The experiences of working with Martin Barre and all the other illustrious members of the band are dear to me still.

Is this a Jethro Tull or an Ian Anderson album, I hear you whisper? Well, to many observers it is both one and same, in all but name. Having been saddled with the Tull persona since the earliest days, (…) I think I prefer, in my twilight years, to use my own name for the most part being composer of virtually all Tull songs and music since 1968."
(Excerpt From Homo Erraticus Liner Notes)

The album as well as the upcoming tour features Anderson's band of the past 12 years, bassist David Goodier, keyboardist John O'Hara, guitarist Florian Opahle, drummer Scott Hammond, and vocalist Ryan O'Donnell.