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Carl Meeks Executive Producer on new Dancehall Reggae Album


November 24, 2014

Carl Meeks Executive Producer on new Dancehall Reggae Album

Mix Up Reggae - New Dancehall Reggae Album by Wild Falcon Records

It was a long time coming, by the Dancehall Reggae music legend Carl Meeks as executive producer, working with Wild Falcon Records, has produced a collaboration album with old school and new school artists.

Some of the greatest Dancehall Reggae artists team up with some young guns to bring you Mix Up Reggae. Joining Carl Meeks for this amazing compilation album are: Lil Mameeks, Carlton Livingston, Ken Albert Junior Flames, Michael Buckley, Pad Anthony, Bascom X, Andrew Right and Mello Banton.

Carl Meeks, originally from Kingston Jamaica, now resides with his family in Raleigh North Carolina. Carl was one of the early pioneers of Dancehall Reggae in the 80s and 90s, and he is known as a legend in Jamaica.

The planned global release date is November 26, 2014, distributed through relationships established by Wild Falcon Records. Wild Falcon Records is a global independent record label based out of Raleigh NC, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haggard Studios, Raleigh NC. For more information got to: www.wildfalconrecords.com and www.haggardstudios.com