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The Life Hyperbolic

The Life Hyperbolic was formed by family and friends who wanted to play original music. The members are:

Chance Beacham, 16, lead vocals, guitar
Sterling Goodwin, 16, drums
Scott Russ, 39, bass, backing vocals
Chris Beacham, 35, guitar, backing vocals

Chris is Chance’s dad. Scott and Chris are law partners and friends since law school. Sterling and Chance are friends attending a local high school together. The band members live in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, North Carolina and are all lifelong North Carolina residents.

Chris, Chance, and Scott were members of the band, Hamer v. Sidway, (2011-13), in which the played mostly cover songs with a few original songs thrown into the mix. They booked gigs and had a great time but really wanted to put out more original music. This meant moving Chance from the drum kit to the front of the band. (He is a great drummer and was actually one of the best jazz drummers in the state at his age.) This meant bringing in another drummer. In the summer of 2013, Chance met Sterling at school were they were on the percussion line together. While putting The Life Hyperbolic together, the guys tried out a lot of drummers and finally found Sterling had the chops and groove to hold it down on the kit.

In the meantime, Chance had been gigging out with the band NiKol and getting exposure in the music community around the triangle. However, he continued to write his own music in his downtime; recording in his room on a digital portastudio provided by Scott. Chris and Chance worked together on the writing with Chance carrying most of the writing load. In August of 2014, Chance went into Epiphonic Studios in Lenoir, NC to record Sacrilege In The Sanctuary, The Life Hyperbolic’s six-song EP and first release. Chance wrote and recorded every musical and vocal part on Sacrilege. Corey Leonard, the sound engineer, has worked with lots of talented artist like Luke Bryan, Ben Folds, Zac Brown, and has toured with metal bands as well, and as a result was able to give great advice on finding a wide range of tones and recording techniques. Chris and Chance handled all of the production on Sacrilege, even down to the CD design and artwork. The release was on January 30, 2015 at 106 Main in Durham, a great bar owned by a friend of Scott and Chris’s.

Scott, from Wilmington, is a former member of some great bands, Booty Wallbangers, and The Black Sox. These former bands had toured and were on the verge of being signed by a major label or two, but alas, he chose a different path and is now providing lots of groove for The Life Hyperbolic rhythm section.

Sterling is not only an awesome kit drummer but is also a great percussionist who plays in multiple drum corps and is ahead of his age in precision percussion. Chris is a former member of multiple bands who rode the circuit in eastern North Carolina for a while. He enjoys making music with his son and friends.

Chance is amazing all around musician whose writing is well beyond his years and shows maturity and talent that you don’t find outside of a few rare people in history. He has the ability to blend multiple genres and make music that people can’t help but be moved by, in one way or another.

Sacrilege In The Sanctuary showcases The Life Hyperbolic’s ability to play pop, punk, rock, and acoustic tunes that move you. Over the course of six songs it takes you through a wide range of emotions. Here are the Songs:

1. “Life Out Loud”—is a rock-pop song with a stop time rhythm that hits you with a raw guitar tone and pummeling drums and bass. It also has a great guitar lead that moves you from one part to the next and a great guitar solo at that Apex of the song that shows a little flash but sits right in the groove without being overbearing or ostentatious.

2. “Shooting Stars and Fireflies”—is a pop punk song with a saccharin sweet clean guitar lead laid over the top of it. It was the first single released off of the album and is nothing short of writing genius. The clean descending arpeggio lead over the hard punk guitar tone, with hopeful and well sung lyrics, supported by a bold bottom end groove, is music gold.

3. “Dreams”—another well written song to which it just pleases your senses to listen. The verse is catchy, high tempo, clean, and jangly; just before it drops to a nice low, heavy bridge, resolving into a nice pleasant chorus. There are vocal runs and a five part harmony that is a shout out to The Beatles. Great tune!

4. “Buried Inside Her Mind”—a medium tempo tune with no distortion takes you on a bit of a different ride that the first three tunes. It is reminiscent of Ben Folds but on a slightly different tact. This song keeps your head bobbing while letting you catch your breath and get a little introspective. In writing it, Chance called up a few jazz chords and overlaid some pop vocals and lead sensibilities while the rhythm section lays back in the pocket and lets the feel really come across.

5. “Drowning Slowly”—Really up-tempo but clean and strong groove. The vocals really turn a few phrases and show off just one or two chops without going overboard. A well written song with layers of guitar, vocals, harmonica swells, and a great rhythm. It is a relationship gone bad but we’re moving on without looking back. What a great move!

6. “Falling (Acoustic)”—A guitar and vocals. An honest, acoustic, warm, well-crafted love song. It shows you beauty from a different angle. After showing off the up-tempo grooves and abilities throughout the rest of the album, this song shows off the ability to turn off all the amps and connect with you one-on-one. It doesn’t get any “realer” than this. Beautiful. The band has already started writing material for its next album and is currently booking and touring to support Sacrilege In the Sanctuary. There will be many great things to come.