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Special Single Release

Nicki Kris releases special single "Falling to Pieces" on July 12, 2016 in response to the events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

“Falling to Pieces” is a message of mourning for the victims and their families, but it also serves as a warning to the shooter that this won’t break us, tear us down, or make us “fall to pieces.” We cannot let fear keep us from accepting everyone for who they are regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Ultimately, this vicious act only serves to embolden us to fight against violence and hate in the world.

To help be a catalyst for change, all proceeds from the iTunes sales of “Falling to Pieces” will be donated to the OneOrlando Fund for the life of the song. This Fund provides much needed support to the victims of the Pulse tragedy and their families. Their quote, “This tragedy will not define us, but will bring us closer together” perfectly underscores what “Falling to Pieces” means to me. My hope is for this song to drive you to express your anger and grief through being a catalyst for change in your own way. Sadly, since I began writing the song to the point of its release, across the world there have been more mass shootings and violence—so change is desperately needed now. Please stand together and donate to those in need, because only by acting as one can we make a difference.

Be a part of the change - #Spreadlove