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NC Ska & Reggae Launches skaNCk*wid*me Radio

Listen to skaNCk*wid*me radio! Sixty-one classic and current North Carolina artists. Nearly four hundred Tarheel chunes. From Roots Reggae to Ska Punk and everything in between. NC skanks and ranks on skaNCk*wid*me radio!


The term 'skank' means something very different to Jamaicans and those familiar with music that originated in Jamaica. Skanking is dancing, in Jamaican vernacular, and has a quite specific set of moves. One skanks to Reggae and Ska 'chunes', tunes in Jamaican slang. A chune that ranks is a very good chune. Ska and Reggae muisc have been a vibrant part of NC culture for decades, from performances on Tarheel college campuses in the 1970s through online webcasting today. SkaNCk*wid*me radio brings this underground music to the forefront.

SkaNCk*wid*me radio artists include 40 Oz., Amagiddeon Souljahs, Anchants, Bakalao Stars, Baked Fresh Daley, Blue Marble Beat, Boom One Sound System, Brian Hill, Bums Lie, Carl Meeks, Cayenne The Lion King, The Chris Desnoyer Experience, Common Foundation, Corporate Fandango, Crazy Tom Banana Pants, Crucial Fiya, Dawn of the Dude, Doco, Down By Five, Dread34, Dub Addis, Edge Michael, Elephant Convoy, Elusive Groove, Fresh Batch, The High & Mighties, Hope Massive, Inner Prolific, Jah Creation, Jahlistic, The Jumpstarts, Just The Tip, Kaya Black, Keith Poppin, The Original King Ayoola, Las Cabriolas, Lovely Budz, Madd Hatters, Marrietta's Palm, Matt Irie, Micahís Hat, Mike Mowry, Monjah, Of Good Nature, Otis Reem, Plutopia, The Pressure Boys, The Reef, Regatta 69, Riverbottom Nightmare Band, The Rockit Pops, Rolly Gray & Sunfire, Rootzie, Selah Dubb, The Sex Police, Sibannac, Signal Fire, The Stingy Brims, Tito Carlyle, Tim Smith Band, Vanilla Envelope and The White T-Rash. New artists are added weekly.

SkaNCk*wid*me radio is brought to you by the fine folks at NC Ska & Reggae. Join the NC Ska & Reggae group on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/390263064393850/. Follow NC Ska & Reggae on Twitter, https://twitter.com/NCSka1. SkaNCk*wid*me radio webcasts music twenty-four hours each day, seven days each week.

Regular programming:

Midnight Ska Punk - Midnight to 12:30am every freakin' night. Welcome to the pit!

Ranking Roots Rock - Noon to 3pm Saturday. Strictly rockers. Reggae rockers.

Reggae Sunday Morning - 6am to noon Sunday. Roots Reggae to start your Sunday.

Rudie Revue - 3pm to 6pm Sunday. Suits, dark glasses and stingy brims. Scooters optional.

"North Carolina has a much richer musical heritage than many people know," says Thomas Szypulski, the NC Ska & Reggae Facebook group moderator. "I want to share my record collection, the music my friends make, with everyone so they can hear something wonderful and maybe something new. We're more than Bluegrass, Beach and Country music in North Carolina. The people of this state are extraordinarily talented and culturally diverse and skaNCk*wid*me radio shows it."